Friday, May 2, 2014

"Looking back at 11/3/06"

Introduction: At this time I do not own a car.  Baltimore's public transit is deadly and time consuming.



Styx "dreamer" is playing on the radio.  I'm trying to decide between taking 3 buses to Village Learning Place for Hip Hop live or go to my fifth Casey Sears concert at Borders in Timonium.  I ended up hitchhiking from Trader Joes foyer.  This time I only had to wait and as for about 15 minutes.

Usually I only go with women.  But a very good looking man smiled at me and I knew instantly that he was a safe person.  I even told him that his smile tells me he's safe, and I only hitch with men who are carrying fresh flowers ;) (he is)

He said he isn't going north but that he will run me where I need to go. 

Him-"You don't have a gun do you?"

me-"I'm not violent.  If you need to frisk me that's fine"  "I have references!"

He agreed to take me.  We had a lively discussion on the way to Borders but I was scared because he was flying! 

His bumper sticker declared that he is republican yet we enjoyed the covernsation so much that he idled for 25 minutes when we got to Borders.  He said that he knows the buses are scary.  He agreed that there's no way out once u crash financially.  He's a "big brother"  He's 27 from Napa Valley, CA.  He has ideas for publishers for my book. 

He's separated from his girlfriend, her choice, he's crushed.  We exchanged business cards and I hope we become friends.


David P. said...

I remember that day well! It was so odd to read about it 8 years after the fact, when I've been subscribed to the blog for so long.

- David P.

David P. said...

I remember that day well. It was such an unusual situation for me, and made for a great story. Odd, though, to read about it 8 years after the fact, and having subscribed to your blog for so long.