Thursday, November 13, 2008

Approximately day 14 and beyond ownership of "new chevy"

So, I go to pick up the chevy from my mechanic, but I have the funny feeling that the car won't have been repaired properly. He , "Nate" is supposed to repair the ignition (he didn't), check the engine light that is on all the time (he hasn't noticed), the abs light, and the battery light that are both on intermittently. He hadn't noticed either.

So, when I pick up the car, I leave the lot, and I notice that the key is still getting stick in the ignition. He says: well, I repaired the exhaust. I''m thinking: "huh?" I had no idea that was even an issue" but I'm glad that I didn't have to pay for it, as that was under warranty. The long and the short of it is that by having a new key made off of the "vin" I ended up not needing any kind of major ignition work.

Well, next morning when I go back to the dealer, they imply that I'm some crazy lady that must be seeing things and that if all these lights were really coming on, then Nate would have noticed it. "This isn't a bumper to bumper warranty lady"

However, 2 of the persons working there implied that it was. And the paperwork that I received implied that it was. A couple if my friends implied that I should go with my gut and stand up for myself. That's tough. Especially since I'm so sick, and consumed with my health and the sh.....going on at la pew.

I realized on Tues. that I only had 3 days left on warranty..........................I headed out to Pulaski Hwy. (and nearly got killed on the hwy. maybe i'll tell you about that sometime) because I was forced to use the mechanic that my dealer has a contract with. Quite frankly I didn't know what kind of stunt the dealer would pull. But I have great news. I went with my gut and it turned out that my car needed a tune up and an alternator. So I saved about 250 dollars!

Had I waited until after warranty period, I might have not had the money.

All together I drove 47 miles got horribly lost and even ended up on 95 north with no cell phone......................I won't be using that mechanic again because it's too long of a drive.

I never used to find driving terrifying but roads and highways are terrifying now. I asked myself what's different than from 10 years ago.

Well for one thing, statistically the number of drivers on the road has exponentially increased. People are doing more than double the posted speed limit. 99% of drivers feel that I have no god given right to make a left turn and that I should make my left turn blindly so that they don't get slowed down from their destination point. This is just an example. If human character is a direct reflection of how drivers are treating each other on the roads, then most people really are scum. Well, after the age of 9 years old that is!.........................................That's why I work like nannying brings me so much joy, kids are just a different animal all together!

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