Friday, November 14, 2008

"when your home makes you sicker and sicker"

In a situation like this, I have to keep shifting my priorities almost minute by minute. Sometimes my priority was on getting a car, sometimes it's on job hunting, sometimes it's on seeking a safe home. And of course by setting up that donation site on my website I was in theory working on all things at once. (no, i never made a penny)

At the moment I feel that my priority should be on getting out of my apt. Yes, I do need to keep paying my rent, unfortunately, but my intuition is such that I am getting more and more seriously ill, the apt. situation is aging me rapidly and literally killing me. I am going to stay in a hotel for one night tonight to get away from the noise and crime and get some mental clarity and maybe some sleep?

I have placed an ad on craigs list to see if any one (don't worry, I'll use good judgement) wants to do a road trip of sorts someone who hates balto as much as I................................

The latest on the car is that it worked for 24 hours. Now the check engine light is on 24/7 again. The car will make me worry constantly, yet, I can't stress enough that it is a worlds better life than public transit!

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