Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"On the subject of over air conditioning"

You go from outside to a cafe to the bus to home and your body really takes a licking.  I have no a.c.  so temps in my apt. are over 100.  I leave that and then have to decide how to dress.  I have to wear long sleeves so I don't get burned by the sun while waiting for the bus.  But I have to bring a heavy coat and winter hat for the bus temperature which feels like 45 to 50 fahrenheit.  I am soo tired of having to change my clothes multiple times a day.  At least I don't have humidity to deal with.

The coffee shop was sweltering and I was out front.  I needed to take off my long sleeve and put on my t-shirt, but I didn't want the hassle of having to find a restroom.

I thought about how my very modest sports bra looks like a runner's shirt or a biker's half shirt-it is way more modest then a bikini top.  I then thought about how Mountain Town tends to be liberal thinking and here I am on the block that I'd have to call "hippie central"

Oh screw it I thought.  I went ahead and just took my long sleeve shirt off right there at the outside cafe, changed into a t shirt and


(i knew you'd enjoy that little anecdote)

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