Friday, July 27, 2012

"If you can't lick em, join em!/the olympics"

I've been listening to the pre-olympic coverage on NPR.  The upset cabbies who are being diverted onto minor roads, and various other ways that the Londoners are upset.  And to the arguments as to whether or not the Olympics will make London better off afterwards or not.

Well, either way, it's here, and according to NPR they're estimating that, (upset or not) about 1 billion around the world will tune in.  I do not have a t.v. so I'll tune in at the library.

I first became aware of the Olympics in 76.  In 08 I watched nearly every day.  Baltimore even had a parade for native swimmer Michael Phelps.  I call that parade "the best thing that ever happened to york road" because I went and it was real real nice.

This morning I heard an amazing story about a runner named Lopez (his first name) who was one of the Lost Boys of Sudan.  Lopez just published a book about his life and talk about inspiring!  I reckon the reason it's so touching is because it is a classic "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" success story..................

I'll tune in.  Will you? (p.s. one of the Olympic figure skaters now makes Baltimore her home too.  is is Fleming?  i can't recall, but she lives in Guilford)

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