Monday, July 9, 2012

"The controversial topic!"

It's stunning to me the large number of people  who get down right upset about the topics of weather and dogs for example.  You'd think I had mentioned the word "abortion!"

This morning when I was in the restaurant ordering (and had reserved a table for myself) I came back and there was a mom and 2 kids sitting at my table.  She asked if it was ok.  I said yes it is because you don't have a dog and please don't smoke ciggies.

She proceeded to get on her cell phone while I talked to the 2 boys.  She overheard me discussing the topic of dogs and cigarettes withe the boys.  She was so upset that I said I don't like dogs underfoot that she got off the phone to tell me and the boys "WE LOVE DOGS"

The boys and I talked about many fun things, but once she got off the phone you could tell that, well she couldn't stand me and didn't want me to talk to her kids because of my comment about dogs.  When she left she didn't say goodbye to me but DID say goodbye to the folks at the table next to us!  You could have cut the tension with a knife!

Even on the topic of weather with folks, someone might hear me say "boy it's really cold today"

"It is not, you don't know what cold is!  blah blah blah

The point is that people get upset about crap you'd think it was politics!

(When you get right down to it, every topic can be look at from a political point of view!)

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