Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Are you an artist?"

Another customer at the coffee shop and I were discussing synchronicity.  I told her that I see it multiple times a day.  She said usually artists are particularly in tune to the concept of synchronicity.

Her-"Are you an artist?"  she asked me

Me-(hesitating for a second) "Well, yes, but I don't make any money thru the arts"

Her-"What kind of artist are you?"

Me-"Well,.......I'm a writer and singer"

Me-"And yourself?"

Her-"I'm a photographer"

Me-"You know I really should add that to my list of arts because I'm that too!"  "I know I've got the "it" that a photographer needs, yet, anyone that owns a cell phone can potentially call themselves a photographer!"

Her-"That's why I call myself a PHOTO ARTIST"

(yes, well said.  that sums it up perfectly!)

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