Saturday, July 21, 2012

"heard it on npr"

Final thoughts on Aurora.  I just caught up with the details on npr as well as buying a paper.  When I heard the details of how the perp did what he did,  the #'s involved, and how highly educated Holmes is, initially I was shocked.  For me personally I get more upset when the victims are so young like these were for the most part.

For nearly every American, you need to keep living your life as normal despite the violence.  I am the rare American who can't have a normal life because the violence has gone on for so long, and thus far I have not gotten any help.  my case it's not just a singular act of violence it is in many ways much more serious than that.

I recall with the d.c. sniper, and I was a nanny, (2002)  my kid's school was on lockdown.  Nevertheless with the parent's permission, we continued to go to playgrounds.  I did not feel that the children or myself should have to stop living our lives because of the sniper.

But my heart goes out to the victims of the Aurora tragedy, their families, and their friends.  Just remember:

"The best revenge, is a life well lived" and "Try your best to make every day count"

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