Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Shortage of doctors article is no surprise"

I just read an article confirming what i recently blogged about how I don't have a primary care physician.  Believe you me it is not for lack of trying.

The article is entitled:

Shortage of Physicians is likely to worsen  by Annie Lowrey and Robert Pear NYT

Here are some excerpts from the article

"People access the health care system through the emergency department rather then establishing a relationship with a pcp which might keep them from getting sicker"

"A government council recommends a given region have 60 to 80 pcp's for every 100k residents"


"Fewer then 50% of u.s. doctors accept medicaid"

The article stated that there is nowhere near 60 to 80 pcps for every 100k residents in most regions...........

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