Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"You are single, transient and extremely needy"

There is a huge, very lonely, very needy, seriously mentally ill (smi)  transient population here in Mountain Town.   I have virtually no contact with middle class or better.

    But a girl with any sense about her will use great caution in which men she so much as chooses to say hello to.

Today I was wrapping up an enjoyable conversation with a bus driver about poverty and struggle when the following happened:

A man interrupted me and said "have you ever been to a 3rd world country?"

(Thinking him rude to just cut me off like that I did not answer him)

When I was done saying goodbye to the driver Tim* I asked the transient man: "Now what is it you were asking me?"

"I ASKED YOU IF YOU HAVE EVER BEEN TO A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY?  he does not wait for the answer, he walks away and then he yells MISS YOU OUGHTA BE THANKFUL YOU LIVE IN AMERICA?!"

Wtf? This is one of many times I choose to hold my tongue.

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