Friday, July 6, 2012

"Mini Adventure"

I was on my way to running errands on the bus this morning when I befriended (on the bus) 5 children and their grandma.  The kids were between 6 and 8 years old but I thought the 8 yo was an adult when she first boarded the bus because of her morbid obesity.  All the kids were half navaho and half latino.  The 8 yo said she "hates the hopi indians"  The grandma didn't hear her say it, so I had an opportunity to teach about stereotypes and hopefully influence the little girl that "not everyone in a particular ethnic group is the same as the next one and everyone should be judged by their heart."

It was so much fun to kibbutz with these kids that their grandma said it was fine if I accompanied their family to the kids event they were on their way too.  Although the sun was too much for me, it was a super special morning and reminds me of how I was born to work with children and feel so happy when I am with them.

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