Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"Model, Carol Alt"

I have no idea what she looks like because I was unable to find the documentary online without paying for it.  She appeared in a documentary last weekend entitled "About Face"  but I heard her interviewed on NPR. 

Terry Gross asked her about "posing for Playboy at 49!"  Since I'm 49 now, I really enjoyed what she had to say about it.  She had been offered to pose at 21 but felt that really anyone can do that.  But when she was asked later in life she agreed only if they show her in her true natural beauty with no touch ups.  "We have a contract!" she stated when they tried to pin her face to a body that was not her own and she says "looked just like Barbie!  My fans know my body and they'll know it's not me"

Here at the library I can't pull up the pic obviously but how wonderful that Playboy is featuring a woman of advanced age.  Good on ya!

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