Friday, August 3, 2012

"Selective Hitchiking"

I've never been a traditional hitchiker.  In fact, i can count on 2 hands how many times i've accepted a ride in the last 18 months.  A selective hitchiker is someone like me who, susses up a woman or a couple coming out of a grocery store and in rare instances asking if they would mind going my way.

Today, I was walking to my destination when my new acquaintance who saw me asked me if i'd like to hop in.  She said: "Guess what's in the box next to you?"

Her daughter took out a baby duck and put it in my hand.  I held the duck for the entire ride.  The mom asked when the last time was that I held a baby duck.

She was stunned that I knew exactly what year.  It was when I was a teacher's aide at Havenwood Day School in 1986.......

I must say I have never hitched a ride with company from a duck before!

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