Tuesday, August 28, 2012

child frozen in time

In the last week, I have watched 3 such shows about 3 children. Stunned to see that one of them lives in Baltimore. I watched this last night on tlc and during the virtual drives tried to guess what neighborhoods in Baltimore they work and live on. Anywho, I do not know how parents do this. The 3 sets of parents I've seen featured who have opted to not abort and keep their kids are doing phenomenal jobs. These women wouldn't have even been able to safely abort so late in term. Additionally, if I'm not mistaken, these disabilities were not showing up on the sonograms. The other story I watched the man lived in Australia, he is 40, but is only as big as a 10 year old, blind, mute........Incredible. The Baltimore family is living in a very pricy neighborhood. I wonder if they could afford to keep Brooke at home if they weren't so rich. wow

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