Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"A very slow learning curve with computer related things"

Here it is, 5 years after starting my blog, and I just learned that

-it is much easier to just get to my blog by googling the phrase "only the destitute walk"

then by googling my name.  When you google my name you have to fish through all of the other elana snyders.  Also, in googling the title of my blog, I learned that other people put the link to my blog on their website.  I learned to day that some lawyers have a link to my blog because I discussed asbestos poisoning!

Also via googling the blog name one finds that you tube automatically generates a link for you to simply look at you tube videos that I have posted.

It's fun and exciting to constantly learn new things about the internet, don't cha think?!

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yobial3 said...

Thanks for the information ... some interesting blogs :-) I am a new blogger but find it therapeutic How amazing that technology has allowed us to share thoughts and feelings with people we may not have otherwise communicated with.