Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"I'm not a typical American.....or am I?!"

I was listening to NPR today and they did a show on how foreigners would describe their first trip to America.  They also talked about norms and mores that are typically American.

I was pretty sure I wouldn't fit into that in any way.

But I did, in many ways!  The funniest part of the show for me was how I recognized myself when an Indian man described his first time here.  I was lmfao!  as I saw myself so clearly!

He said that when an American toakes you into their home, they will show every room except the bedroom!  they make all sorts of excuses but apparently it's a very american thing that you don't show the bedroom because americans are all about privacy!  I thought about the people i've had over and i never show the bedroom!

Other ways the show described Americans is that you better be on time.  I am early for aboslutely everything!  But many Americans in myexperience, stand me up or they are a couple of hours late which is like being stood up. 

In some countries you bring red roses if you are a dinner guest but the "rule book" in America is that is definitely the wrong flower to bring!

Oh, and Americans have to have their personal space, and lots of it.  I am totally like that.  Don't just grab an American and hug them we don't like that.  yes, I'm very picky about who I'll hug or shake hands with.

Despite all of this I still see myself as counterculture to the core!

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