Monday, October 7, 2013

"Alaskan women looking for love"

I really enjoyed the premiere of this show.  It was shocking and interesting to learn about life in Alaska.  Wow, a 34 year old woman with a 20 year old kid!  It's pretty clear there isn't anything to do in AK but sex and alcohol.  I was stunned that there are no grocery stores and if you want to eat you have to fish and hunt!

The AK men look and act exactly like the Mountain Town men.

I think Lacey is the one whose very conservative mother is trying to control her life.  It will b great for her to get away.

I'd be scared of riding on that little plane also!  I also do not own a dress, skirt or dress shoes.  Like the AK girls there are no occasions for me to get dressed up. This is going to be a doozie.  I have not been in FL in more then 40 years..............................................

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