Thursday, October 17, 2013

"Alaskan women looking for love"

Bear with me I do not have all the names memorized.  How wild that the one girl got asked out before even seeing the new house!  He seems like a real sweetie.  He reminds me of Francesco who I met when I went to cancun in 87.  Francesco wrote to me in Spanish for a whole year and then I lost track of him.

What a kic about them trying to go shopping for appropriate clothes.  I also would not feel comfy with so little threads.  Love those t shirts that had pics of bikinis.  Awesome.

Wild that they asked the rugby* team leader if he would bring all the men over for a party!  That takes guts!  In most normal circumstances I would be a little hesitant to invite a team of strangers over but it turned out beautifully!

Boy that house rocks.  Perhaps since the girls have all known each other a long time, they won't have the fighting that the breaking amish kids had.  So far so good!

Now if they get hungry they don't need to hunt down game or go fishing!

I love that they went to the nightclub with their mud boots on!  The clubs remind me of the best club I ever went to (just once) which was Carlos and Charlies in Cancun.  Very posh.

Yeah this show is gonna be a lot of fun!

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