Monday, October 7, 2013

"The dumbing down of America"

So you know that I have been blogging about how everything absolutely everything gets done wrong and/or is broken.

I went into a thrift shop and asked the clerk

e-"where are the ladies hats?"

clerk-(English is her FIRST language) "the scarves are on that wall"

elana-"but I asked about the hats?"

clerk_"like I told you, the scarves are over there!"

I give up, and look at where she is pointing and I see the hats.

She comes over and says:

"Oh, I was thinking a scarf is a hat!"


today I asked the waitress if she could: "pop by my table when she gets a chance"

she replied: "we're all out!"

me-"what do you mean your all out?!"

her-"we're all out of POT PIE!"

me-"but I asked if you could "pop by!"

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