Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"Today's bus shenanigans"

So, I walked to the bus stop and there were 2 men and one woman there.  Immediately, the one man reached out his hand for me to shake it which I would not do.  I would have been happy to fist bump but I was holding an umbrella.

It is extreme stress when men force themselves on women.  Many of the men from this ethnic group in Mountain Town (who ride buses) are perpetually drunk.

So unfortunately Daniel found it necessary to tell me his whole life story and how hard his life has been.

He, like many do, began to pull up his sleeve to show me and explain to me what each scar came from.

I said "I do not want to see your scars"

He said he grew up in foster care and is homeless and got all these scars in Afghanistan.  Of course, when I tried to tell him something about myself he seemed disinterested.

He said "here let me show you"

me-I just told you that I don't want to see your scars.  Because the truth is, the people whose lives have been the hardest HAVE NO SCARS!


With him was a man I have seen millions of times who I get a vibe from, so I avoid.  He's about 350 lbs.

When we got to transfer center, I waited forever for him to disembark, so that he would not follow me.  I sat down at one of many many empty benches.  Big guy comes up behind me and says


me-"You may not"  (like I said there are a myriad of choices of places to sit)

So, he stands over me making no effort to sit at the other bench.  I am forced to move.

I find these interactions to be emotionally draining....................................................

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