Thursday, October 3, 2013

"Severe insomnia"

I have not slept in a week.  So, I spent the night doing ancestry research.  I have not yet joined

I learned tons about my living as well as my rellies who passed on

Sadly I can't put the real names up, because bio. father threatened me and said essentially "you stay the hell away from "my" family and you better not say any real names on your blog"

Here is what I learned:

On the father's side there are many relatives who are very very successful

business owner

and on and on.

The cycle was broken when I was given up for adoption in that I have not been "successful"  However I found out that an ancestor on my mother's side who was pow in the civil war wrote his biography.  My mother is a writer and member of daughters of the American revolution.

One of my relatives was president of the Jewish Community Center

One cousin helps to run a prestigious chorale society

This stuff is really fun yet bittersweet, since Neither of my bio. parents want me to "be" in their family or contact them.

The only exception is that when I met birthmother in 89 she gave me the phone # for

my sister
my grandmother
an aunt

I tried to to develop a friendship with half sister but she is not interested.  In retrospect I should have tried to get to know grandmother......................

One relative was an extra in a famous movie.

So there are singers, leaders, writers and very very successful folks in my lineage and I'm glad I found that out

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