Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"no good news"

Every day is the same, it's a fight.  Everything is a fight.  It feels like no matter what actions I take it makes virtually no difference.

I have 2 landlords.  They both have some sort of agreement with each other.  Landlord A gave me a lease to sign in May as did landlord b.

When I was discussing with landlord b about the lease with landlord a, she said" you should never have signed that lease, they were not supposed to do that, you onl.y sign with us"

So, when landlord a, asked me to renew today, I said but lalndlord b told me not to.  She yelled at me and said "your breaking the rules"  I am so angry I can't even eat.  There is nothing worse then anger at a person who has a lot of power and control where there would be a price to pay if you tell them what you think of them.

So, landlord b said to me today" yes, go ahead and sign it , it's not a leases"

landlord a said in writing that "yes, it is, it's a lease renewal"

this is the push pull I have dealed with constantly over the last 20 years.  I guess that many poor people have these constant battles which keep quality of life very low.  I'd like to move but I have nobdy to help me move out of town which is what I want.  So for now, it's shelter and I am stuck.


I just got a letter from food stamp people stating that my monthly (yes monthly) allotment will go down by 10 dollars.

My October allotment is 25 a month, but after nov. first it will go down to 15.  There is no point in standing up for yourself, it's like slavery, you take what you can get and you have no voice.

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