Thursday, October 17, 2013

"Pain management clinic"

I'll always tell u the truth, but I frequently have to change names or addresses that sort of thing.

I like to pay attention to numerology even though I don't always understand it.  The assistant at the clinic (who gave me wrong directions and a wrong address)

told me on 10/14 that my appt. is at 1014 elm.  Guess what suite?!  He said 1014!  (he was wrong about the suite)

anywho it is a wife and her brother and those are the only employees.  The brother is very unprofessional and it's a weird set up.  I knew his first name but I did not know whether he was an aide or what the deal was.

He asked me to sit in a particular seat.  I refused because it was set up in a way that if anyone came in I would have gotten hit by the door.  He said "by the way, my name is rob"  I had already finsished all the paperwork and mailed it in.  When he asked me for my insurance cards I only gave him the medicare card since I knew his clinc would not accept Medicaid.

His attempt at taking my b.p. appeared to be his first ever.  He was so awkward I asked him exactly what it is he is trying to do?

I stood on the scale and it said "93"  He said "we don't do pounds, just kilos!"  He tried to get a height measurement and I said "I'm 5'5" He said yeah but I need meters not inches!" (weird)

He stayed in the room during my exam and interview which took nearly 2 hours.  The doc asked me if her brother can "take notes"  (do I have a choice?) I said it would be fine.  But the 2 of them had a very weird dynamic because she wanted to spped through the questions and he kept interrupting.  Sometimes he would tell me the opposite of what she said.

She is a phenomenal doctor.  It was the most thorough exam I have ever had.  She asked me why I have nerve damage?  I said "Well, it is most likely because I am a starvation survivor"  She said she is sorry but she is sure that my hypothesis is correct.  She asked me to try to describe it and I said that it's like thousands of bees stinging my hands and feet 24/7.

She does not recommend pain meds for fibromyalgia however will allow me to take a low dose.  She made recommendations for the marijuana that are different from what they told me at the dispensary.  Bottom line is I don't agree with doctors on every single point, and no doc is going to force us to take their advice.

I do however feel like going to appointments or doing much of anything is really like "going through the motions" because I don't really have hope for any area of my life.

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