Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"20 years in and out of homeless/myth: poor people are lazy"

1/94 was when I first experienced homelessness .  That happened in Melbourne, AUS.  So, because there is nothing real interesting to share with you about what is happening currently (mostly homebound by illness)

I'd like to flashback to:

93 and 94 in Aus.

I took off from work the entire month of Aug/93 to get accustomed to Australia.  Then on sept. 1, 1993 I started working full time 40 hours a week, to see if I could get hired in  foreign country doing social work.

Here is where I applied: (strictly sharing where I applied for swrk jobs:

1. government job, crisis accommodation worker, relief
2. upper yarra and lilydale emergency accommodation program/ uniting church of Australia
3. trained early childhood worker/hawthorn early childhood centers
4.youthworker at carlton Collingwood fitzrooy district health service
5.  family worker at st luke's family care of marybourough
6. catchment youth refuge/young homeless peer educator/facilitator
7. city of northcote
8.broadmeadows youth housing project/ youth housing worker (locum)
9. student homelessness project worker
10. Williamstown tenants assoc./community development worker (tenant worker)
11. North west foster care/social worker c1.1
12. Courtney youth services
13. social security admin. social worker
14. Zelda's place collective placement worker
16.hanover welfare services
17. women's worker at sacred heart mission
18. big brothers big sisters of Melbourne social worker
19.williamstown youth housing group
20.collingwood family support worker
21. city of nunawading/youth project worker
22. telephone crisis worker/ government
23. werribee city council/young women's programme worker
24.doncaster youth resource center/youth housing tenancy admin.
25. city of Berwick/youth worker
26. Sutherland residential care worker
27. city of preston project officer human services
28. hope street refuge inc./support/ outreach worker
29. royal children's hospital/social worker grade 1
30. family support services/ manager food bank
31. interchange inner urban coordinator
32. Wesley youth services/ child case worker


Even though I had not yet been given my permission to work, I wwnated to see if I could score some interviews in the meantime.  Many of these orgs. were considerate enough to respond and some even said I was put on the shortlist.  in the end I got no interviews and shortly thereafter (1/94) fell in homelessness and was no longer able to keep up interviewing for professional positions.

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