Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"A synopsis of 20 years"

It is still true that practically nothing works.  What if, for 24 hours a day, absolutely nothing worked:

i.e. the road is blocked off

you ran out of gas

you were in the check out line 20 minutes you had 3 items

you have no transportation to the food pantry

your car broke down you are supposed to be at the interview today

I could go on and on and on.  Those are hypothetical examples that I feel sum up my day to day life since 94.


Here are actual examples from the last few months.

I was assigned a medical marijuana caregiver.  The caregiver is your "supplier" and he is a grower.  He stopped coming around after one month.  He doesn't answer calls.  That means 2 things:
I can't continue with the mmj due to having questions and concerns and no one to as

also it means he has been given license to grow FOR ME but is not giving me any product.


I tried a new pain mgmt. place.  Now that I have made calls to try get a new caregiver I have been told that I must stop the marijuana immediately or the pain management doctor will lose his medical license.  He will test my blood to make sure I am complying.  So now what I have to do is, I've decided to try him for a couple of months, and if in the end I think I should go back to med. marijuana I will, however, I won't be permitted to until I use up all the pain pills and let him know.

This is so typical America, typical poverty.  The minute you get one ball rolling you have to drop it almost immediately.

What's even stranger is, even though the last pain mgmt. dr. saw me for free, when I was done with this new dr. the recep. told me I owe 145 dollars!  WHAT?!  She was seething angry that I didn't have the money nor did I understand the billing.

The dog barking problem next door was never addressed

mgmt. never did the repairs in my apt.

I called for emergency dental but nobody is answer the phone.

So, no, I am not "playing the victim" but I am trying to illustrate how every single thing is grueling.

today is mild and sunny so I feel a little better but I have stopped sleeping at night it appears my meds have stopped working.

the g.i. dr. cancelled my emergency appt. because I told him I won't have the 31 dollars for another week!  Most of the time I am exhausted by life and much of the time I don't have much desire to leave the place.

because I am carless I am regularly approached by street alcoholics and beggars....................................

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