Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"Obsession dar desires/investigation discovery"

The kristy moore story:

I can really identify with the part of this story where the police blow her off.

Here were my thoughts about this story

I thought she was dumb for engaging her stalker in these phone calls imploring him to stop.  My thought was that she should have hit play on the tape recorder and recording every single message.  And/or keep her phone shut off all the time and then tape the messages he leaves on voice mail as evidence for the police.

I thought how dumb her husband was to buy a puppy therefore knowingly endangering another living being in this mess.

Why not drive to the police station in lieu of the mall.

I think I would have figured out pretty quickly to hone in on pizza delivery.

To her credit however, I know from personal experience that when you are in fight or flight mode clear thinking isn't likely.

She was incredibly lucky that the cops came around.

She said she doesn't know where her stalker is now that he is out of jail.  If I were here I would want to know!

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