Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Spring 94, back in the unites states, lafayette, indiana"


Introduction/author's note

Arrived back in Lafayette on 5/10/94.  For one or 2 nights I stayed with my friend Carol.  I was homeless for a long time, lack of a fixed address.  By 5/11/94 I had to go to the food stamp office.

Within 2 weeks I landed a job as a telemarketer (no car so virtually nothing in the way of social work jobs)

5/21/94 (original entry)

Don't feel as lonely as I did in St. Kilda.  I think my loneliness there was enhanced by the fact that I was in such a touristy area, completely alone and penniless.  This week I saw a live concert, had lunch with my old friend Ali; but many of my old friends I can't find.

One of my social work professors as well as my boss a the social work internship in 92/93 have been pretty chilly with me.  Had a reunion with Geoff and Josette from Guru Java coffeehouse (at the Methodist church)

Margarita stood me up, I waited all evening for her.

Got hired at dial America and hit 17 sales in 5 hours.  Came to 8 dollars an hour. My throat was hurting real bad. yet the supervisor said I had more sales then anyone else working that day!  5 hours is way too long for a sales shift.  I've had it after 2.5!

5/24/94                                       12:20 a.m.

Been crying non stop knowing that I am still homeless.  Feels like everyone has deserted me.  Ali hasn't gotten back to me, even though we had plans.

This morning was my first day working clerical at the Purdue Vet Clinic.

I really hate it which is motivating to find a social work job.


I moved for the 5h time since I've been here in Lafayette, and it's only been 16 days!  Now I've moved into Mallory's house and I feel EXTREMELY uncomfortable here.

(author's note 1/28/14 it brings me great joy to share this as one of my great passions is to get the story out.  On the other hand, I am not going to share too much because I know I can make real money by writing a book.)

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