Friday, January 17, 2014

"T.V. worth watching"

I was barely aware of world events and t.v. shows from 81 to 13!  So now I am catching up on 32 years of lost t.v. watching!  I have really missed a lot and now watch shows I never saw back then:

brady bunch
full house
big bang

you name it.

I have seen many shows that I would like to tell you about and wondered if I should devote an entire post to one show, or just list the shows on one post.  Today I am going to list more then 2 months of shows that really touched me in one way or another. dark desires about lisa and Cheryl (season premiere I think I have those first names right almost got away with it  (Frankie lee bass)

It blows my mind that criminals can repeatedly break out  of jails and prisons, not all criminals are stupid, but they often do eventually get caught.

show, law and order special victims unit ( I can't find the link to the episode however)  marlee matlin plays a "suicide" doctor.  I rarely watch this show but I am a fan of marlee and I read her bio: called "i'll scream later"  susan zarielo's story

20/20 on investigation discovery; serial killers who target amateur models.  (that could have happened to me, because when I was 23 I went to a stranger's home for a photo shoot but he turned out to be legit)

"The lost boys/children of the compound" (about flds boys who have no family after leaving the cult) secret slang       (the aids epidemic) (about tom donato) (50 year old Deborah Roberts story)


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