Friday, January 17, 2014

"No drop off in readership"

So despite the fact that I haven't had anything new to share in quite a while there has been no drop off in readership, which is great!

Bought a space heater but the room still won't stay at a steady temp through the night so  all I can do I really catnap.  I mean the other thing that wakes me up is leg and arm muscle pain and limbs falling asleep, so I have to keep changing sides.

Like I said, I ignored the advice to go in to the e.r. for the g.i. problems and am still alive.

Exhaustion weakness and headaches mean that I probably have only been out of the house less about 7 days this month, roughly.  Definitely not consistently well enough to work part time.

No funds to go to warmer climate can't imagine when that will even happen.

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