Saturday, September 20, 2014

"Bleep still happens and it happens aplenty"

If you look at these things also as being "stood up" then I think folks stand me up more then they actually show up!

I went to photo club on Thursday but nobody mentioned in advance that they are doing a nighttime photo shoot, and I don't have the money at this time for a cam. that good.  leave and let them go

then, I thought, well, since that didn't work out, ill pop by for the last 1/2 hour of support group to say hi to maria.  I go and the entire church is locked up

leave there and go to the clubhouse, because atheist church is supposed to be meeting.  nobody shows

today, I buy food go to a potluck and there is nobody there.............................................

I think if miserable is your set point then this shit doesn't really matter all that much

On another note the pain has been unreal, where I can barely walk and the meds are like taking tic tac.  in that regard I guess it makes sense to stay home as much as possible.

today (and I've been trying tons of new things, tons this summer with the exception of travel which I can't afford) I went to another writing group today and it was 3 hours long.  how enriching it would have been if the teacher let us read our work out loud.  she has us do about 45 minutes of writing in our book and we don't get to share any of our thoughts.

I asked one other person and he felt the same way-if you can't share what your writing then y bother.

well, I reckon it's time to go home and get dinner

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