Wednesday, September 3, 2014

"Looking back at 8/21/2006

(living in very violent and very dangerous section 8 housing in Baltimore)

Dear John,

It's so empty and meaningless.  I don't know what  to do next?  I wonder should I

-enroll for a masters degree in Baltimore or out of state

-get current car registered and titled or move to PA and get the c ar registered and titled there? (it's titled in Indiana currently, where I used to live)

Should I see if I can qualify for a safer newer car before I move?

should I try to find a co housing community?

All jobs on the number 8 busline require me to work with people who I can't work with

should I try to do without a car?

50% of me wants to live outside of the states again.  No matter where I live I'm guessing life will still b a struggle.  In Baltimore everybody is so unfriendly it seems pointless to leave the house.

intentional communities never accepted me in the past so y would they accept me now?

I had a few extra bucks this month and I ate healthier.  I feel a bit strounger but I had chest pain and sob (shortness of breath) all summer.

Should I keep the subsidized apt, turn off the utilites then travel?

(I am in constant transition if not physically then mentally)

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