Thursday, September 4, 2014

Looking back at 8/19/1993 living overseas in Melbourne,Aus

Author's note

I am in thee tail end of a relationship with a wonderful man who treats me like a princess.  We are the same age and have a great deal in common.  We even graduated from college on the same exact date same college.  Him with a phd and me with a bachelors in social work.  Despite me social work education I did not have the skills needed to hang on to this amazing human being and our break up essentially, nearly destroyed my life for many many reasons.

This entry below, I made this 7 months before falling homeless for the first time in St. Kilda, Aus.  This first homeless episode was on many levels my own naieve doing.  Brian and I moved overseas on 7/30/93


I am really enjoying Melbourne.  Here are some of things we have done in our first 3 weeks here.

1. Victoria market

2. Melbourne central and Chinatown

3. Puffing Billy train

4. Melbourne Uni. to see 2 live shows; "desire" and "women's work"

5. socialist meeting

6 window shopping

7. lots of tramming and training

8. an irish ub

9. a museum

Brian and I want to extend our visas.  (i'm here as his common law wife)  I'm workin on getting a work visa.

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