Friday, September 12, 2014

"Nearly impossible but fairly busy"

So, it's nearly impossible to get out of bed.  I'll bet that few middle class people would tolerate this situation.  Got into bed at 730 p.m. due to severe sleep deprivation.  Constant banging from the neighbor.  She is a chian smoker.  So, every time I'd drift off I'd be woken either by banging or by smoke.

I spray with Lysol , burn incense, turn on a.c. open windows.

It's a lot of obstacles but even if I do move there is no guarantee the same thing won't happen.

I've tried 3 different support groups but probably won't return to any of them.  Any time groups are peer led they tend to b quite unprofessional.  Then neediest and or most domineering talk for  most of the meetings.  I think all you can hope for is to meet one or two folks that you have some things in common with and exchangephone numbers.

Today, I showed up at a free class that I took in 2011.  Chronic disease management.  I was disappointed about who is teaching it this semester.  She read out loud from her notes for the entire 2 hour class!  There was a break and I really hit it off with one of the attendees.

I have to decide whether or not to go back, because I like some of the folks in attendance.  I decided that I can't tolerate listening to her read out loud largely because she reads like a 10 year old.

Conversely,she is having someone take her place next week, so I will sho.

There is an even in an hour which the organized asked us to register online.  I didn't want the hassle, so I made some 5 calls trying to register over the phone with no luck.  So, I did try to register on line and had the librarian look at the site and she had no idea how to get registered.

I finally got through to the organized and she said it's sold out (well free but full!) and that I shoud just come and see if there are enough no shows to come.  She is an author speaking about her memoir.


The situation with the pain is still I consider very serious, I still need to find a neurologist and a rheum. so I can find out how far the arthritis and nerve damage have progressed.

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