Thursday, September 4, 2014

"Library closes in 15 minutes/this post will only b a partial post as a result"

Looking back at 9/7/1994

author's note-I am essentially homeless because I have no fixed address.  this is not a choice.

pros to staying in west Lafayette

social opportunities have been excellent

sick to death of moving

beginning to sleep like normal person

more chance of finding help if in crisis

dibbie is here, she is as close as family as they come

cons to staying in Lafayette

no parks, few parks

-don't want to hear about student problems, not in student mode this is largely college town

-lots of cars and lack of safe walking areas cause a great deal of stress

sick to death of struggling with employment issues in this town

no car to get to work and can't afford to hook up a landline so that I can receive communications from potential employers

-very poor, no social work jobs that I can find

Lafayette's got dirty air, dirty water, lots of noise ollution

-chronically fatigued in these dirty urban areas

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