Wednesday, September 3, 2014

"Looking back at 9/1/2013"

On the bus

Met a latin guy on the bus, David.  I spoke to him in as much Spanish as I could muster!  We had a strong instant attraction.  But, he asked if he could come to my house so I can cook him dinner? (I've noticed a distinct trend, most men I meet want the women to support and care for them!)

I told him NO, because he's married!

Then I told him in Spanish you will besame (kiss me!)


tu es casada!

(I don't have enough food for anyone but me anyhow!)

He was extremely pushy begging me if he could come over.

He rationalized: "BUT MY WIFE IS IN MEXICO!"

(I don't appreciate being pushed)

I wanted to tell him in Spanish that it wouldn't be ethical for me to get involved with a married man but I'm not THAT fluent


Tried a new restaurant today but it was a waster of money.  At home my frig constantly leaks and I have to mop multiple times a day.  The lights flash constantly and maint hasn't repaired yet.  I try to find ways of not needing lights but the situation pisses me off..

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