Friday, September 12, 2014

"looking back at 9/17/2004"

I ran into Tuesday.  She graduated in my dept with me in 93.  (from purdue) I told her that I am homeless.  She asked me if I would like to stay with her.  She has ALS/ I think it was, lou gehrigs disease.  She has no real use of her arms or legs.  Her mother took some drug during pregnancy and her limbs didn't develop.  ;(

Here is an entry from that period of my life

Day 3, HOMELESS homeless

Definition-Dwelling wherever there is shelter because you have zero money for rent.  I'm sleeping 2 to  hours a night, so I haven't been able to write as often.  But I remember boy do I remember what is was like to live with Tuesday.


Tuesday had a Barbie Doll and I love lucy doll collection.  This gives me a great deal to think about.  The Barbie Dolls represent everything that she will never be in THIS life.

The American ideal for beauty.  Tall, blonde, thin, rich, good looking.  She has a b/f who she is monogamous with and who lives with her.  He has limbs that work.  It is so sad to me that she can not and never did play with those dolls.  Can't pet her cat Molly.  It brings me deep sadness to see what she goes through.  That's part of why I can't sleep.  I just laid there thinking:

she will never:

scratch her own itch
wipe herself
brush her hair
feed herself
take a walk
give a hug

Before moving in with Tuesday, I always resolved that I would never ever

Bathe an adult
diaper and adult
or toilet and adult

But it was such a great act of love that her and Hank let me stay in their very crowded and cluttered apt!  I would do the world for her.  I am letting hank train me on how he cares for her.  Initially I didn't care for him but now I've changed my mind.  How can I dislike someone who does what he does for her?  Shes the brain and he's the brawn she says! 

She actually seems to enjoy her life.  What an inspiration.

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