Monday, September 22, 2014

"What's the answer?/stood up"

Stood up in my mind is much more then a person not physically showing for a "date" 

As I told you the other night, I shoed up for monthly potluck  nobody was there.  It was in a clubhouse, so I went to the folks fb site, and found someone who sent me a message stating that the group cancelled 30 MINUTES before the start of the potluck.

This is the 3rd event I have tried to do with them, where nobody was there.  Why didn't I get the message? 2 reasons, I don't own a home computer, and even if I did, there would b no reason for me to check 1/2 hour before to see if it had been cancelled.

Why was it cancelled, the weather was absolutely perfect.  I wasted the time of grocery shopping, buying food driving there, then waiting an hour to find out what had happened.  Well, the wife and husband who run it: the wife said: we cancelled so as to increase the chances more people will come to our even the next day!

The husband on the other hand stated that it was cancelled because not enough folks rsvp'ed!  (10 folks rsvped including me.


I can prove based on my journals that in a years period it is not uncommon for me to get stood up at least 200 x every year.

Tonight, I drove to campus, found a place to park, walked across campus to the building where Australian authors would b speaking.  AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH.  I CAREFULLY followed the instructions given by the newspaper and not a soul was there.  STOOD UP!  The paper gave the wrong location.

The authors had lived in Melbourne, I wanted to make a face to face connection and tell about my writing as well; but by the time I got to the correct location, I only got to hear 7 minutes of the readings.

I fully understand people who never want to leave their house.


Ray of light

I caught the last 2 hours of the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE FESTIVAL made many wonderful connections and felt really really happy.........................................

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