Friday, February 13, 2015

one of the most meaningful days of my life/synchronicity

rmember I was telling you about Amanda? We had a friendship that lasted about a year back in 1975 period for variety of reasons she turned against me and became my bully. It had very very serious implications for the rest of my life.

I thought about her so often throughout my adulthood and wondered how her own children turned out.

In November I received a facebook friend request. I replied to her I'm confused you are my bully why do you want to be my friend.

In the last 10 weeks we have been writing back and forth and amazing things have happened between us. Today we talked on the phone for the first time it was filled with tears but mostly joy. I hated to hang out but I had to go to my doctors appointment. Later in the day I went and checked my p.o. Box I received a package full of photos and music and a little greeting card. Many of the photos contained pictures of her brother who committed suicide 2 years ago mostly from depression but also because of a devastating illness that he had.

Little did I know her little brother always loved me and cared a great deal for me. He bugged her through the years how did you how could you have done that to Elena why why do you treat her like that what did she do to change your mind about her?

When Amanda and I talked on the phone today she told me that her little brother Noah is looking down on us from heaven and very very happy. You can imagine this made the tears really flow, I replied I wish we could all stand in the room together and embrace.

The story gets even more amazing... I got home at 6:20 p.m. I turned on the TV and without even changing channels I saw that I had just come in the beginning of a documentary. What is the documentary called its called bully. It is approximately a 90 minute documentary about bullying and children who committed suicide because of it. The show aired on the channel and it apparently is one of the shows featured in a series entitled fortitude in a flash.

I am not certain of the internet link but I will use my best judgement and post what I think will be a useful link for you. This feels like a life changing day :-)

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