Saturday, September 26, 2015

A decent online development

I just learned about this gentleman named Dave who has created affordable housing online. I listened for about 15 minutes and the situation from my perspective is still really sad a waiting list will open up for only 4 to 5 days in a particular city or community and then it will have to close the list altogether. Because what happens in the fourth of five days is so many people fill out applications that it creates 18 months to 2 year long waiting list!

It reminds me of how bitter I am of what I have had to live through because of not being able to turn to family.

To this day I still have never met another American female who has had to go through anything near what I've had to go through. For example when I'm good and not use real names here linda is exactly my age and she's disabled and her father is the CEO of principles of Fairfax Virginia high schools. So I met Linda in 1996. Ever since then her father has put her up in a fancy two bedroom apartment in Fairfax. So while she was waiting on her disability she could live it up now she has the fancy apartment and the disability income and the enormous subsidy from her father. You would think that these situations would be unusual but they are not unusual.

Dennis Dennis as well as Linda they are both my age and they are both disabled they both have extremely wealthy parents Dennis parents bought him a big house in a suburb of Ohio very upscale suburb of Ohio so he as well as Linda go on fancy expensive vacations twice a year pay no rent no mortgage have basically like trust funds and they get their monthly check from disability.

While I had to go hungry and never know where I was going to sleep from night to night. Of course this means that my book would be in some regards more interesting then the people who never had to struggle a day in their lives despite waiting on disability to approve them

Marcos is 64 he also goes on expensive vacations twice a year he has inherited his mother's house and he has lived there his whole life he has never had to pay rent or mortgage and his whole life. His brother buys him cars on a regular basis so he is never had to have a car payment. His various relatives are dying off at a rapid rate and he's getting inheritance is left and right and he gets a comfortable check from the Department of disability

Would you be angry and bitter about this inequity? If you were the one that was having to suffer

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