Saturday, September 5, 2015

Ghost Adventures the Travel Channel

Watched the first 20 minutes or so of Ghost Adventures. Once I realized that serial killer herb Baumeister was in Indiana I had to google for more information. It turns out that one of his victims was from Lafayette Indiana Manuel Resendez I think it was and he was 31 when he was murdered I was actually in Lafayette when I was 31 so I tried to pull up a image of Manuel but I can't find one on the Internet. herb would find his victims at the oldest gay bar in the state of Indiana. Ironically I did a Google search to find out what it was called and it ended up pulling up another bar which I have been to called the Knickerbocker in Lafayette Indiana which is the oldest bar in Indiana not its not a gay bar but it is the oldest bar in Indiana it turns out. This was quite a fascinating case in which Baumeister was never brought to justice because he committed suicide when he realized that he was being hunted by the police

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