Thursday, September 10, 2015

Energies / hocus pocus

Can what you think influence events. Generally speaking I don't believe in that sort of hocus pocus. But I have gone into numerous events and contests saying a mantra in my brain there going to pick me they're going to pick me they're going to pick me.

And the majority of time it ends up working even if the statistical chances of them choosing me were very very low, extremely low

Tonight I was at a writer's class and there was 3 times where various people would put their name put their hand in the hat and pull out a sheet of paper with a subject idea on it.

One of those people selected to put their hand in the hat and pulled out a sheet of paper was me. There was a one in 35 chance that I would be picking my own sheet of paper and that's exactly what happened

Then someone else was selected after we had all put our subject ideas in the Hat, that person selected my subject.

So there were three opportunities to select subjects and about a 3% chance each time that mine would be selected and two out of three times my subject was selected. So people ended up writing stories about something that I ended up choosing

Last year I went into a very very large room many many people and I said in my head they're going to pick me to win the t-shirts are going to pick me to win the t-shirt. They put their name they put their hand in the Hat and pulled out my name and I won the t-shirt. When I first started this blog and 2007 I wrote a piece about having told the event attendees that I was going to win, I told them in advance that I was going to win. I did end up winning I won something that I didn't realize it had a very high cash value so when I sold it I didn't make very much money but I won two tickets to opening game for the Orioles had I known that it was worth a lot more money I could have sold it for a lot more money. But the point is I don't really know why I AM so lucky at the Select events but so very unlucky in pretty much every other area of my life

The teacher tonight said to me you must have some kind of special energy going on for this to be happening to you?!

If you know anything about this topic I would love to hear your input

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