Thursday, September 17, 2015


So as usual I cannot sleep I'm all out of my medication and for many many many years now I can't even sleep for 10 minutes without medicine it wouldn't matter if I'd been awake for 2 weeks I still wouldn't be able to sleep unless I had medicine

So I'm rereading my appointment calendar which basically serves as a second journal from winter 2000. I came across a page where I recorded an experience with a man who I had a date with. I began to think to myself this evening that what he was doing can't possibly be normal there must be a diagnosis

Everybody who I have ever met that has had this disorder has been African American and I can not explain that but as I wrote earlier its palilalia and it's where the person repeats the ends of all of your sentences. According to what I read on Wikipedia it is not more prevalent in African American so I don't really know why I've never seen it in a Caucasian person.

Have you ever met anyone who repeated the ends of all of your sentences instead of actually responding to what you say? so I learn something new this evening

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