Thursday, September 3, 2015

, San Diego dreaming

I dreamt about living in San Diego for 20 years. Now, I really do think the town I'm in is where I belong the problem is I enjoy walking for exercise all year round outdoors and I can't do that here. In about 6 weeks there will be snow and ice and I won't be able to do my evening walks anymore. I've been walking every other night about two to two and a half miles that's significant given my disabilities.

It occurred to me that it wouldn't be as expensive for me to move to southern Arizona and I had mold that around for a couple of years. But I have come to the following conclusion when you look at the fact that any city in America can have a brown out and anytime and that translates to no air conditioning when it's 120 degrees outside, that could literally kill me. I spent more than one summer in Baltimore at risk of dying everyday because my apartment would get to be about 130 degrees and I was losing so much water for my body that I was profusely profusely sweating and at great risk of dying. But I did not have the financial means to buy a room air conditioner for my top floor Baltimore City apartment.

I may not love snow and I may not love to be cold but I can't take the chance of moving to a climate where I could die if there is a brown out, so I am satisfied to stay put!

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