Thursday, October 22, 2015

Cold wet weather and disabled

Now that the cold wet weather has been pretty steady for the last 3 weeks I've been 24 hours in bed than 3 to 4 hours doing housework or errands and then back in bed for another 24 hours see there's the 1015 diagnosis that I already have confirmed with doctors and then there's about another 10 or so that I am fairly certain I have but that are not confirmed such a severe esophageal and stomach issues as well as chronic regional pain syndrome and most likely Morgans syndrome as well but I don't have enough of the support system to do much of anything let alone spend my little time out of the house running around to the doctors that really can't do much of anything to give us a normal life. If you are one of my disabled friends and are experiencing is similar schedule especially impacted by the weather then feel free to comment here on my blog or if you're my facebook friend then go ahead and comment there or feel free to send a request

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