Saturday, October 31, 2015

Luxurious Flagstaff home on 42 acres

I've only twice been inside a actual house in Flagstaff. But I didn't get to tour those homes all I saw was the living room and dining room and bathroom

Most of the people who I quote unquote No who live here either live in their vehicle or live in the woods and the majority of the people that live in the woods don't even have a tent

I have yet to meet someone in this town who is quote unquote middle class

And in America as a whole wealthy people never admit that they are wealthy. I can only think of one person who is honest about the fact that she is well see all the other wealthy people that I know will not claim anything better than middle class even though it is obvious that they are multi millionaires

I encourage you to check out this spectacular video. For some odd reason though every time I add a link it puts a period right in the middle of the word tube I don't understand that so you would probably have to type it out yourself so that you don't get sent to the wrong link based on this quirky aspect of my smartphone

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