Thursday, October 22, 2015

Surprising facts about me

For many many years I have noticed how popular skull art and skull jewellery skull handbags and simply could not understand how people could like that. But when I saw this ring and pendant on Jewelry Television today I just completely fell in love I haven't worn jewelry for many many many many years. In 2002 my life long all jewelry I had since I was a baby all that stolen by the woman that I was rooming with. For the most part after 94 since I could not really find a safe place to live I would only keep one piece of jewelry and I would just try to either hide it or wear it all the time. I've never bought anything from Jewelry Television butt I would like to own at least one piece of jewelry. I mean dear lord how many women do you know who have 1 pair of hiking boots and two pairs of tennis shoes and a pair of sandals and that's it? but I will always be a girl and believe it or not like a lot of feminine stuff even though I might not show it in the way that I present myself meaning that I rarely wear makeup or jewelry and I haven't worn any kind of high heels since my twenties

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