Thursday, October 29, 2015

Into the wild

So I just saw the first half of the movie and I own the book but haven't read it yet. As you know a few months ago I saw the second half of the movie

I do not own any sort of DVD player and I don't know anything about Netflix so I only watch movies when cable decides to air them. Not at all a good way to see this movie because with all the commercials it ran for three and a half hours

I have a huge amount in common with Christopher and feel like I am the female version in many regards he is after all only 4 years younger than me but I will call at his age that I was also very non materialistic and was always giving my things away

This is such appointment beautiful movie and I know that so many people disagree with me when I say it's not the quantity of your years but it is the quality

If the quality does not make you happy then you leave when you're ready to leave

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