Friday, October 23, 2015

While I'm locked out of Facebook

As I said all along this is definitely one of the true crime series that most appropriately fits my own situation. I would say that in the last three to four months I just begun to feel safe after 8 years of being actively stalked shot at looted having my home looted my clothing burn my car destroyed and set up with things like brake lines cut things like that. So can you imagine living as a woman with this situation with multiple people stalking me and facing this without any support whatsoever. It's hard enough for people like Christy Moore who are married and have a big huge family that are helping her find the stalker anyhow she has got to be one of the stupidest people ever featured on a true crime show absolutely everything she does while these crimes are happening basically wears her stalker into more enjoyment and wanting her to or being happy to see how upset she is for example he'll call her and she'll just scream leave me alone leave me alone why are you doing this. This really is the absolute worst thing you can do is let this man no multiple times a day how distraught you are that then the cops want her to go into the garage by herself even though she knew that it would put her life more at risk so she's telling us the viewing audience that the cops put her life more at risk but that she went ahead and went with it anyway. There is no handbook that we can read when we are going through the hell of not knowing whether we're going to be murdered from one day one day to the next but there are certainly top number one worst ways to handle yourself as a victim and Christy Moore rocks that roll

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