Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Very small world

You're going to love this story. I was at a health clinic today not my usual one but that's not my story my story isn't about the experience medically my story is about the experience socially. I was assigned to a particular doctor today and he happens to be from Nepal. He told me that my face looks familiar which impressed me because I had not been to that clinic in 4 years he joked that all of Asian people look alike.

I said oh no they don't I said you're really handsome so if you ever lose your job as a doctor you know you'll be able to do some modeling. He really like that one when he found out that I was from Baltimore his eyes lit up then I said well you certainly know Baltimore because of our famous Johns Hopkins but perhaps you live there as well?

He said yes I did I said well what years were you there he said well I was there from 06 to 08 and I said I bet I can guess your address. He said ok try. I threw out and address and he said how did you know that?!

I said well because all the Nepal people coming into Baltimore usually like to live at the drumcastle apartments because it's Napoli's own he couldn't believe that I do that and then I knew that he lives there so it turned out that he lived three blocks east of where I was living at the time!

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