Tuesday, May 24, 2016

"A crime to remember"

"the kiss and kill murder" 1961

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Debbie Williams was a rebel as described by her best girlfriend.  She was 17 and in her senior year of high school in Odessa, Texas.  Lucky for her, her bedroom included a door that opens to the back yard.  As a result, after her parents go to bed she sneaks out.  She has had a wide variety of sex partner, loves sex.  IN this time period, in the bible belt, women who sleep around are treated like trash.  When the other girls found out about her promiscuousness she was shunned and it deeply deeply hurt her.

She was a drama major, happy and full of life as described by her friends.

But once her conservative father , after snooping around her bedroom one day found out about her journal he was furious.  He forbid her from going away to college, "I.U. in Bloomington Indiana where she had just been accepted.

Williams fell into a deep depression.  For more then 6 months she approached every male she knew who had access to a gun, to murder her.

She finally lucked out when her x,  drove her down to the lake (26 miles away) Shot her one time with a shotgun, weighted down her body and dragged her into the lake.

He t old the police t hat he felt sorry for her, like a cat stuck in mud, and decided to do a mercy killing for her (mercy killing are my words)

I am the only one (as far as the people that were interviewed on this episode are concerned) that feel that Williams is so lucky that she found someone to kill her.  Her intuition about her life is that she would never be happy.

I am also the only one that feels that the main reason Williams (Debbie?) fell into a deep depression due to the restraints to her authentic personality which did not fit in at all with her family or in Odessa Texas in that time period.

It's highly possible that once she got out of her parents house and out of Odessa ( I know first hand that Bloomington, In. is a progressive community) she would have found happiness.

But the main reason I feel she was lucky is because since I've been on facebook I intuit that there are hundreds of thousands of Americans who are suffering with chronic physical and or mental diseases where the suffering never goes away and they have been ready to die for years.  And they,

like myself, are pissed off that we are a society that won't let a dog or cat suffer with illness or broken bones for even 3 days without putting them down, yet our laws only support people suffering into what possibly may turn out to be old age.

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